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Ring Road and Dream Bridge: Projects launched

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A road to bypass the capital and a bridge linking Cassis in Roche-Bois: The government is counting on them to ease Port Louis. It remains to find the money.

Two projects for a single objective: decongest the capital. The government has decided to go ahead with the construction of the circular road (Ring Road) and Dream Bridge in Port Louis. The same bridge project, which had been labelled "unrealistic" when it was first proposed in 1996.

The draft him Ring Road, dates back several years already but has not been carried out for many reasons. It would link Sorèze in Roche-Bois via Montebello, Bell-Village, Tranquebar and Valley-Pitot. Getting the road especially Montebello should facilitate access to Straws in the region Guibies which should accommodate several projects, including the commercial complex DecoCity. The access road to Guibies alone will be 5 km long and will cost Rs 600 million. The construction of a tunnel in the mountain is also planned as part of this project.

The government wants to start construction of the circular road this year. It will initiate steps in this regard. And to hasten the construction, he intends to finance a portion of the project.

As for the Dream Bridge, it would link Cassis (near the Royal College) in Roche-wood, crossing Les Salines (where the Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) is proposing to construct a new village and a terminal for cruise) spanning the rade. A proposal was also made for the road that extends Riche-Terre, but no final decision has yet been taken on this matter.


The project was proposed in 1996 by the Minister of Public Infrastructure then Siddick Chady. The part above the bay will be about 400 metres long. First set aside, this bridge will subsequently be seen as a necessity before the daily nightmare of traffic jams in the capital.

The congestion greatly affects businesses in their operations. This is the heart of the rest of the results of a recent study by the Mauritius Employers Federation (MEF) on the cost of congestion, which is estimated at Rs 2 billion per year. 97% of respondents feel penalized. And 76.8% must undergo operating costs and fuel costs higher. In addition to delays in business, late deliveries disrupt the activities.

Moreover, the administration of MPA, which Siddick Chady is president, placed the Dream Bridge prominently in his agenda. The MPA had surrender by the end of January its proposals for the route. This will be done in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure publics. "This is a project of interest to the prime minister enormously," says Siddick Chady.

Stauch Vorster Associates, a consulting firm in South Africa, has carried out a study in 2002 on the construction of Dream Bridge for the MPA.

Rs 7 billion and Rs 10 billion

Already in its annual report 2002-2003, the MPA had stressed: "The response following the presentation has demonstrated that a harbour by-pass is desirable and cross the harbour bridge is deemed acceptable option to alleviate the congestion problem along the waterfront motorway."

"We will have discussions with the technicians as early as next week, would declare yesterday to express, Rashid Beebeejaun, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public infrastructure. Discussions are also planned for soon with the organizations and countries that have shown interest in financing these projects. The cost of achieving these two projects is estimated at Rs 7 billion and Rs 10 billion. "

For the Dream Bridge, for example, the Chinese government has already expressed its intention to finance the project.

"These two projects have become necessary because of the problem of congestion in the capital and also because of the growth of maritime traffic. There are reports that have been prepared on these two projects. It takes a fine-tuning, "says Rashid Beebeejaun.

According to the deputy prime minister, the option of public-private partnership (PPP) is envisaged for these two projects. Studies will be made to explore the possibilities of introducing a toll system.

Rashid Beebeejaun also warned squatters who come to settle on the route circular, in the hope of claiming compensation later. "The authorities will not yield to blackmail."

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Posted by Mooslimah on 19/03/2008

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